Diversity Cup 2017




Welcome to Diversity Cup (DC) 2017!!!

GSI is grateful for your continued support for this event all through these years which brings us to the 12th edition of Diversity Cup (DC) in 2017.  YOU truly are the champion in making this idea into a reality. With the weather in Michigan being unusually better in mid-January, we thought it would be a great idea to start a kick off campaign for 2017 DC sooner than later.

DC has grown leaps and bounds through these years setting higher milestones and expectations. DC 2016 was more than a special year for all us for many reasons. To list a few,

  • DC 2016 was sanctioned by the International Cricket Council (ICC), governing body of International Cricket. This was a proud moment for all of us and to make it even better we were blessed with the presence of the man himself, ICC President, Mr. Zaheer Abbas.
  • No one could have dared to think of organizing a “Day & Night” game in Michigan. We did, and did it in style. We had two exciting “Day & Night” games as a part of DC 2016 with the guest of honor, Mr. Zaheer Abbas, ICC President and Mr. Jalal-ud-Din, level 4 Coach and former test cricketer, gracing their presence in the audience.
  • We promised to provide more games to the teams and to have live online scoring and stood by the words.
  • Level 1 Coaching certification by Mr. Jalal-ud-Din, level 4 Coach and former test cricketer, was a great success and individuals received their certificates after the 2 day, 8 hr. course.
  • DC dinner with ICC President, Mr. Zaheer Abbas was again a grand success in which we gave a getaway vacation to CURACAO and other cool prizes including an apple watch via raffle tickets.
  • Our grand sponsor FIAT was able to display its cars during the DC finals which provided maximum mileage within the cricket lovers of Michigan.

To sum up, DC 2016 was a grand success with Srilanka Lions winning the championship.

We, as a part of DC team always wanted to set higher bar for ourselves in the years to come and YES, once again we are dreaming BIG. We are planning to double the price money to $20,000 for DC 2017. This is a huge step forward with the existing logistics and we need your support in making this a reality.

We will continue with our raffle in DC 2017 with more exciting prizes including a roundtrip ticket to DUBAI. We also added an incentive to individuals buying 5 or more tickets with a complimentary DC dinner ticket. Our idea is to have more cricket enthusiasts involved and participate in this initiative. All this is only possible with your continued sponsorship and GSI, yet again, is looking for your extended support.

Please support and contribute by buying your raffle tickets below.

We have more exciting details to share, please stay tuned!!!

Please mark your calendar and join us on July 7th, 8th & 9th for 2017 DC.

Shahid Ahmed

& DC organizing team


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